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Never Leave a Club Behind on the Course Again!
Have you ever taken 2 or more golf clubs from your bag, perhaps to take that shot with your pitching wedge and then straight on to the green with your putter?
Or perhaps you were playing at a course that disallowed golf buggies or carts onto the fairway and carried two clubs, a seven iron and putter, whilst your golfing partner went ahead to the green?
How It Works
Club Alert Transmitter
  • No more running back to the previous hole to rescue the sand wedge
  • No more driving back in your buggy to find the club in the middle of the last fairway
  • No more ringing up the Pro Shop asking if someone has handed in your 9 Iron
  • No more losing your clubs - EVER!
When you purchase a ClubAlert module, you get a transmitter and access to a free smartphone app (iPhone or Android.) Each ClubAlert module protects a single golf club, and up to 14 modules can be monitored by the app. separately. Each module is paired, via Bluetooth, to the FREE ClubAlert app on your smartphone, to ensure that only you receive alerts for your clubs, and not those of other players.
A paired ClubAlert module is simply pushed into the top of the golf club handle to be monitored. The software even allows you to name the module, eg "Sand Wedge". You then replace the club back into your golf bag. When a club is removed from the bag, the software on your smartphone starts to monitor it's distance from the phone. If the distance from the phone to the module is further than 35 to 40 metres, your smartphone will vibrate and/or sound an alarm, even if the phone is in silent mode. The alarm stops when you move back within range. Multiple modules are are monitored independently from the same software app. To save battery life, the module will go into a sleep mode once the club is placed back into the golf bag.
Club Alert Transmitter Club Alert Transmitter Club Alert Transmitter
Inserting the module Module inserted Smartphone app

ClubAlert modules only work with smartphones that have Bluetooth and are running Apple IOS (eg iPod, iPhone or iPad) or Android. The smartphone is not included and the software app can be downloaded from either the Apple APP Store or the Google Play Store.

For more detailed information, please visit the ClubAlert website here.
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