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How to Download Maps
The instructions on this page will offer you guidance through the process of downloading maps onto your Caddy and Caddy Lite device.

If you find that a golf course map is not available or not showing, send us a mapping enquiry via the Contact Us page and we'll do our best to help you
Step 1: Add Maps Into Your Online Account
Maps must be added into your online account before you can download them onto your Caddy or Caddy Lite device. There are 2 ways to add maps into your online account:
Golf Plus Membership
Purchase Golf Plus annual membership, via our Accessories page, and all golf course maps will be available for you to download and use during your membership period. There is no limit to the amount of maps you can add to your online account, via the Membership Maps option within your online account page.
Purchase Golf Plus Membership
Purchase Individual Map Credits
You can purchase map credits, via our Accessories page, and redeem them for golf course map data of your choice. You redeem map credits via the Purchased Maps option within your online account page. Maps added using this method are available even if you don't have a valid membership with us.
Purchase Golf Plus Map Credit
Step2: Download Maps Using the CaddyConnect Software
Maps are downloaded to your device via the CaddyConnect software (which you can download from here.)
  1. Connect your device to your Computer
    Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Get the device ready to communicate
    Select Connect PC from the Menu on the device screen.
  3. Start CaddyConnect software
    Start the CaddyConnect software (either by double clicking the CaddyConnect icon on your desktop or by selecting CaddyConnect from the Golf Plus sub menu on the All Programs option via the Windows Start menu.)
  4. Select Which Maps to Download
    Click the checkbox to the left of course name that you want to install onto your device.
  5. Download the Selected Maps
    Click the Install or Remove Maps on Device button to download (or remove) your chosen mapsonto your device.
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