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Caddy Lite
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Caddy Lite £89
Caddy Lite SOLO £78
Caddy Lite Deluxe £104
Special Edition P.O.A.
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Caddy Lite Skin Upgrade
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What is a Caddy Lite? What Does it do?
The Caddy Lite is a portable hand held device which uses GPS technology to tell golfers all the distances they need on the golf course.

Totally HANDSFREE, no fumbling with buttons, no holding up play!

Your Caddy Lite will automatically provide you with the distances you need on each and every hole. Your Caddy Lite displays (in the top row of the display) the distance to the front of the green you are playing – EVEN if you are on an adjoining fairway or through the green.

It will also show how far it is TO or TO CARRY hazards on each hole: Bunkers, Water, Dog Legs, Fairway Run Out, Hollows or Paths etc. As each hazard becomes out of play, the distance to the next hazard is automatically displayed in the large element of the display (visible from over 20ft away) until only the Front, Centre and Back of the Green are left.
Click here to watch the short video clip featuring Volvo’s Golf Professional, Derwynne Honan, explaining why he prefers using Caddy Lite in place of range finders and stroke savers.
Which One?
Caddy Lite and Caddy Lite SOLO
Available in black, red, blue, navy blue, silver, green and pink.

The Caddy Lite package includes: Caddy Lite, USB connection Lead, Belt Clip, Golf Plus map credit

The Caddy Lite SOLO package contains a new standard Caddy Lite without any cables, belt or bag clips. If you already have a USB cable and a means for attaching a Caddy lite to your golf bag or trolley, then this is the option for you! It can be ordered, for example, as a replacement device which which can be registered to an existing Golf Plus account to obtain the same access to map benefits that you had with a previous Caddy or Caddy Lite. This is useful if you have damaged your old device beyond repair for example.To purchase a Caddy Lite SOLO you will receive a pre-paid envelope in which to return your existing device.
Caddy Lite Deluxe Edition
The Caddy Lite Deluxe Pack is available in black, red, blue or pink or in a colour of your choice.

Supplied with a number of accessories including a map credit. Raise your level of ownership above the crowd.
Caddy Lite Special Edition
Want a personalised Caddy Lite?

Now you can with the Caddy Lite Special Edition in your own specified colour.

Perhaps you want your Caddy Lite in your team colours, or colours for a corporate golfing day, or possibly you are responsible for a Golf Club Pro Shop. Have your brand stand out from the crowd and provide the Caddy Lite Special Edition devices in YOUR colour scheme.
Upgrade Your Device NOW
Do you already own a Caddy Lite? Why not send it back to us and we will upgrade the casing for you. Yes, that's right! Order your Caddy Lite skin upgrade, send your Caddy Lite in to us and we will replace the casing with one of the standard colours (black, red, blue or pink.)

The upgrade price includes the cost of the return postage and packing. It does NOT include the cost of shipping the device to us. In this instance, we recommend that you use an insured recorded delivery service.
Hands free operation: Your Caddy Lite is designed so that you can switch it on as you arrive at the club, select the course you are playing on the day and your Caddy Lite will give you the distances you require for your entire round of golf. After selecting your course you SHOULD NOT NEED TO TOUCH YOUR CADDY LITE AGAIN until the round of golf is completed. No need to fiddle, press buttons or interrupt your game OR your playing partners game. Your Caddy Lite will automatically detect which hole it is on and give you the distances you need when you need them.

Easy to use: Your Caddy Lite uses a simple to install and easy to use Microsoft Windows software application, CaddyConnect, which can be downloaded from this website. The Caddy Lite allows you to set up simple owner preferences. Are you male or female? (important for the Information on each hole – such as stroke, index and Par). Do you want distance information in Yards or Metres? And what do you want to call your Caddy Lite?

Please note:
CaddyConnect software requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Caddy Lite maps: For your Caddy Lite to work on a particular course it needs to be loaded with a Caddy Lite Map. This is a set of latitude and longitude reference points which represent the key hazard points of the hole and the front, centre and back of the green.

Up to 10 different maps can be stored on the Caddy Lite at any moment in time. Maps can be downloaded and replaced as many times as required.

Caddy Lite features
Caddy Lite screen
About maps: When you register your Caddy Lite, it will also include a Golf Plus map credit which you can redeem to add the maps of your choice into your account.

Your caddy courses: The Golf Plus mapping team are mapping more and more courses each week.

Before setting off to play a game of golf, if the associated course map is not already one of the 10 that can be stored on the Caddy Lite, the player can connect their Caddy Lite to their computer and use the CaddyConnect software to download the required course map (subject to a valid Golf Plus membership or Map Credit being available). Once the map has been successfully downloaded onto the Caddy Lite, it is ready for use when the device is switched on and the course selected when the player arrives at the golf course. The Caddy Lite then uses GPS technology to guide them around the course.

There is no limit to the number of maps you can store in your online account.

Caddy Lite Rain Cases and Pouches
The Caddy Lite is water resistant. This means that it will withstand water splashing on it, for example when it starts to rain, but it is not fully waterproof and will not withstand a downpour of rain or rain shower or full water immersion.

It is important to protect your Caddy Lite device when it starts to rain or shower

Recognising that the game of golf is played in all weather conditions and knowing the distance to the next hazard or the green is still an advantage come rain or shine, we have a range of rain cases and waterproof pouches in which to keep your Caddy Lite during rainfall, and are available for purchase via our Accessories page.
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