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Caddy Lite Deluxe Edition
Price (including VAT)
Caddy Lite Deluxe £109
Deluxe Special Edition P.O.A.
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What it is
A deluxe Caddy Lite in the Caddy Lite standard black, red, blue or pink or a colour of your choosing, PLUS, a number of accessories, including a map credit to raise your level of ownership above the crowd.
Significant Savings
The bundled accessories in the Caddy Lite Deluxe Edition gives you a price saving over purchasing each one individually.
Deluxe Edition: Contents
  • Caddy Lite GPS Measuring Device in your choice of colour
  • Bag Clip
  • Waterproof Pouch
  • Mains Charger
  • USB Lead
  • a map credit (upon registering your device)
Which Colour Will You Choose?
The Caddy Lite Deluxe Edition includes a Caddy Lite in your chosen colour from a choice of the standard black, red, blue or pink or in your own individual colour.
Your Own Colour...?
In addition to the standard colour schemes, it is possible for us to supply your Caddy Lite Deluxe Edition GPS devices in your own specified colour.

With the Caddy Lite Deluxe Special Edition, you are not restricted to the standard casing colours!

Perhaps you want your Caddy Lite in your team colours, or perhaps you want to hold a corporate golfing day, or possibly you are responsible for a Golf Club Pro Shop. Have your brand stand out from the crowd and provide the Caddy Lite Deluxe Special Edition devices in YOUR colour scheme.

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Not an actual colour scheme!
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