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Caddy Lite Rain Cases and Pouches
The Caddy Lite is water resistant. This means that it will withstand water splashing on it, for example when it starts to rain, but it is not fully waterproof and will not withstand a downpour or full water immersion. This means that it needs to be protected when it starts to rain.

Recognising that the game of golf is played in all weather conditions and knowing the distance to the next hazard or the green is still an advantage come rain or shine, we have just released a range deluxe rain cases and waterproof pouches in which to keep your Caddy Lite during rainfall, and are available for purchase via our Accessories page.

The clear visual access means that the Caddy Lite display is still easy to read from a distance without affecting GPS performance or handsfree operation. The buttons can also be used without removing the pouch.
Caddy Lite Rain Case
Caddy Lite Rain Case with universal clamp bracket
With the onset of rain, the Caddy Lite Rain Case enables you to quickly slip your Caddy Lite inside the case and seal it up with the waterproof zip. They can be clipped directly into the mount on our Bag Strap Clip Mount, Bag Clip Mount or Trolley Clamp (click here for more information on these accessories.) If you don't have one of our bag strap clip mounts, bag clip mount or trolley clamps, a universal clamp bracket is also included so that you can mount the rain case on the handle of your trolley or even the golf bag retaining brackets on the back of a golf buggy/cart.

Which ever method you use, the case itself can be easily detatched when you finish your game using the secure quick release mechanism at the rear of the case.
Caddy Lite Rain Case mounted to Golf Plus Trolley Clamp
Buy Waterproof Pouch for Caddy Lite
Waterproof Pouch for Caddy Lite
Caddy Lite Waterproof Pouch
Designed by Go-Travel, the Waterproof Case for Caddy Lite are fully waterproof, up to 1 metre water immersion when correctly sealed, and are supplied with a lanyard to attach to your golf bag.

The pouch can be attached anywhere on your bag, or the golf bag retaining brackets on the back of a golf buggy/cart.

Full sealing instructions are supplied to ensure that it is 100% water tight when properly sealed.
Buy Waterproof Pouch for Caddy Lite
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